Frequently asked questions

My remote is not included. What can i do?

The extraction of the remote codes from the original windows player is a very tedious process. If your remote is not supported but you want support for it included in the app, you need to buy the donation version and send me an email with the name of the remote (how it's called in the windows player), or the .RCD file. I will then extract the remote codes and update the donation version. The free version will also receive the additional remotes but only with the next release.

What are good streaming settings for my device?

That depends :) . Faster handsets (i.e. 1.4Ghz+) will probably be able to show the streams in best quality.
A good starting point however are the following settings:

  • Stream Quality: Medium
  • Scaling Filter: Fast but ugly
  • Encoder framerate: 15fps
  • Size of the encoded video: Medium

The picture stops after a few minutes, what can i do?

In the spirit of first level support: "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ;)
The longer answer is: The video stream might get too far behind the audio stream that dropping a few frames does not help anymore. In the future there might be a fix for this. For now all you can do is disconnect wait a few seconds and start the stream again.

I get "Registration failed" even though the password is correct

There are four possible reasons for this:
  1. The registration process took too long. Just check if the base station shows the device Android@App. If that is the case, your registration did in fact work.
  2. You selected the wrong region. If you are connecting to an US box you have to select US, and if you have an EU box you need to select EU
  3. You are using a base station that is not yet supported
  4. The app does not reach the base station. Try conecting to the wireless network of the basestation directly.

The audio lags behind the video (A/V sync issues)

This is a know issue that will probably be fixed in a future version. You can try to set the Audio buffer size to "Fast device".

The stream from the LF-V30 is really slow

The LF-V30 works only in H.264 mode. This is however much more expensive to decode in software than the MPEG4-ES stream from the other boxes. Unfortunately there is no fix for this issue. If you can't find settings that work for your device it simply has not enough processing power.

The remote is just a white rectangle

Unfortunately the remote control is not displayed correctly on some devices. This are probably some OpenGL issues. I might be able to fix this in future versions, but for now you have to guess the button positions. The buttons are quite big so you should be able to hit the correct ones even without beeing able to see them.

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